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  1) checking whether the electric switch is in the correct position.

  2) checking if there's any loose for the fasteners.

  3) checking the brick machine and electrical wiring.

  4) checking lubrication situation of the lubrication parts, and to inject grease lubrication.

  5) checking the oil level in the tank of pump.
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<![CDATA[Brick machine operation need to pay attention to what?]]>
  First, material will been used as soon as coming, should not be stored for too long.

  Second, feeding, must pay attention to there are not big particle size of aggregate or other foreign material go into stir bucket, , especially iron and other solid objects.

  Third, check whether brick plate is clean, found bonding block, must been shoveled,then go into the machine.

  Fourth, we will strictly control vibration pressure time ,can be adjusted when necessary, pay attention to if the process is normal at any time, if the screw loose, should be stop to adjust timely t .

  Fifth, the hydraulic system should be transferred to the rated pressure, washing oil screen on schedule, filtering oil at least once a year, often to check the actual gas oil, make up when necessary.

  Sixth, If sliding sleeve and stand column are excessive worn, It needs to replace alloy, ensure that all edges clearance of die box and pressure head is roughly said, stripping smoothly.

  Seventh, for the hopper bottom to keep consistent with mould plane, using a certain time it should be adjusted to check, sliding sleeve and stand column should be changed timely.

  Eighth, commissioning for the first time, will have to manually filter through the plate. Plate length, thickness, tolerance accepted in a plus or minus 2 mm meters .

  Ninth, keeping empty on the plate when the machine is running, if there is residual on the plate , then must been cleared in time.

  Tenth, brick  machine in work situations, it is forbidden to non-working personnel, items close to the device, otherwise it will cause casualties and damage to the machine.
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<![CDATA[Tips of brick machine maintenance]]>
  (1) every time when equipment will work, if you don't want to do early check, just need to boot device to idle for 2-5 minutes, no exception to continual production, which part of the problem is found, then stop  to troubleshooting problems timely, Preventing failure in production.

  (2) the newly installed equipment, after a week in equipment production, oil filtration must been done, and cleaning tank, and then on the basis of the machine work load, 3-6 months to replace oil, cleaning tank at a time.

  (3) equipment in production, it is strictly prohibited for any failure to repair equipment directly, be sure to stop machine, if the system and equipment fever must also not to open the cap, be sure to stop and check processing.

  (4) the equipment in production, must adjust control unit, and each connecting parts must been inspected, It is best can be professional production after commissioning.

  (5) all of brick machine are made of metal parts, so be sure to pay attention to the preservation, avoid open-air, should be waterproof, sunscreen, and anti-freezing measures, in order to ensure the safe of equipment.

  Above the effect of introduced several methods is very obvious, but if we have time to have the ability, preferably on a regular basis to professional maintenance of equipment, because the usual maintenance can only support equipment will not happen big fault, our company is specialized is engaged in the brick machine, baking-free brick machine, hollow block machine, cement block machine, hydraulic brick machine, brick block machine and other equipment production and research and development. Welcome l customers come to visit our factory.
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<![CDATA[Analysis of the process of tile machine]]>
  The process including four aspects: ingredients - molding - appearance - maintenance.

  First said the ingredients aspect should pay attention to matters, Raw materials must be used for production of frozen dryer with grinding wheel type forced mixer mixing and stirring for 5 ~ 10 minutes. Then the precipitation. Molding process is very important. Material stirred must been filtered off water in molding program, so that becoming hard tile billet. Followed by the appearance, the tile billet must meet water expansion rubber water stop and clear edges and corners, smooth surface, fine, hard and dry, And has certain body strength, without crack on the tile plate. Finally is to conserve, tile billet on the plate natural curing for 24 hours, should pay attention to moisture, heat preservation. The second day will have the concretionary tile billet removed from the plate, placed in the yard on nature conservation, and pay attention to water it every day in a week before curing, sunny hot, dry weather should be more water.
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<![CDATA[New brickworks how to layout, old brick factory how to reform]]>
  When the choose and buy brick making machine, brick making machine manufacturers will be combined with the site conditions of the existing customers to plan brick production line。First our company will appoint engineers to inspect your site, and measuring its relevant data,. Then the design engineer will combined with field data to create a site plan and foundation figure. If you find a good brick factory site now, welcome to contact us, we'll send technical personnel door-to-door investigate sites, at the scene to guide the planning of foundation.

  the old brick factory scale up or modification

  Welcome to plans to retrofit old brick factory customer inquire us, we will combine your condition to adjust the planning of the existing brick factory.
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<![CDATA[The latest display system of automatic tile machine]]> 2013年10月29日 15:41 <![CDATA[Construction waste treatment facilities]]>
  My company is professional in the production of various environmental brick machine, including construction waste brick making machine, Solving a lot of problems the development of the city. it has realized the construction waste recycling. Through crushing, screening for recycled granule, and then making the brick.  this is get resources recycling for many times. Bring about low cost, high economic benefit and social benefit.

  Choose construction waste treatment equipment, just come to my company please! We are willing to give you the most price, best quality!
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