Hunan Sanhoo Machinery Co. Ltd. 2020年3月1日 7:25 Hunan Sanhoo Machinery Co. Ltd. zh-cn Hunanzlf.COM. All Rights Reserved.]]> 2020年3月1日 7:25 <![CDATA[Automatic system of tile machine - market push]]> Along with the development of the making tile equipment, The price of domestic product is not only more cheaper than foreign product, but also almost closing the world's advanced level on the quality of manufacturing .A good development of tile machine equipment is also a process to challenge, in addition to the introduction of part of the high-end core technology, It is need that independent innovation and developmen continuously . In recent years, tile making machine industry in China are mainly composed of sintered products, since the national wall materials innovation and the objectives and tasks of building energy efficiency is raised, the production and use of hollow brick have a larger development.

Automatic system of the whole tile machine equipment use the high integration of network to automation control system, the automation system performance is superior. The system also have the function by automatic control program, Such as operation, maintenance and so on. It is realized of information management in productive process, High technical content, high molding speed, high output, high efficiency products, market prospects will be large.

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<![CDATA[Cement tile machine show unique charm]]>

  With the progress of science and technology, Tile maker using cement go into high-end technology unceasingly, It adopt imported equipment, the integration of control, full automatic control. Change traditional moulding machine "guide sleeve" as a "four vertical pole" precision positioning, the whole machine is more stable and reliable performance, productivity, yield, higher level more than similar foreign products. Unique appearance design, multi-function hydraulic forming, humanized interface, advanced and reasonable layout, filled the domestic blank; Products high density, strength, many varieties, change the mold to produce various kinds of high-quality goods, is the high-quality goods of concrete products. Increasingly perfect equipment details, a new generation of equipment with remote control and diagnosis system,  Analyzing datas from long distance is possible, So maintenance of customers became easier. High technology content, high speed, high output, the machine by changing the mold, can produce all kinds of main tile, all kinds of form a complete set, can also produce all kinds of colored tile. Products with high efficiency and good market prospects.

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<![CDATA[Plastic plate’s life and characteristics]]>
  Plastic plate special for baking-free brick is developed according to the characteristics of the baking-free brick production. The product has wear-resisting, resistance to vibration, corrosion resistance, strength, anti-aging, waterproof,  moistureproof,  not easily deformation,, reusable, etc, its service life can reach more than six years. Used for a long time to make brick molding quality was better than bamboo veneer, solid wood,  use-cost is lower than the bamboo veneer and solid wood, iron plate, is the most best products used with baking-free brick currently .
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<![CDATA[There are four ways to calculate marketing budget of multifunctional brick press]]>
  Don't consider marketing specific purpose. There are four ways to determine the marketing budget:

  According to the enterprise financial burden ability, determine the marketing budget. If marketing methods produced good economic returns, the next round of marketing budget can be increased.

  Percentage of sales. Based on previous sales performance or industry practice, and the character of the products, according to a certain proportion of the sales (e.g., 3% or 5%) to arrange the marketing budget.

  Competitive comparison method. Namely according to competitors and Competing destinations of multifunctional brick enterprise or competitive brand’s marketing expenses each year, arrange the marketing budget.

  Target request method. According to sales, market share, or brand image marketing objectives and historical data, some technical parameters are used to determine the marketing budget.
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<![CDATA[The best opportunity to adjust transformation For brick making machine equipment enterprise]]>
  At the same time, the enterprise’s new orders  continue on a downward. The datas of key monitoring enterprise showed, excess capacity contradictions are becoming prominent in brick machine equipment industry in the second half of this year.

  Significant changes have taken place in China's brick making machine equipment market, its outstanding characteristic is shown as two aspects, namely the demand of the total decreased significantly and accelerated upgrade of demand structure. Reflects China's brick making machine equipment market downturn situation of aggregate demand, but the number of high-end brick machine equipment exported to China was much increasing during the first half.

  Rebalancing of the global economy and China's economic growth is slowing has a comprehensive and profound influence for China's brick machine equipment industry . After a continuous high-speed growth of more than 10 years, due to market conditions and other factors of growth of significant change, the industry is facing and undergo restructuring of severe test, is in the midst of a transition stage of development, is also the throes of restructuring.Development  environment change in the industrial development brings pressure and challenge at the same time, also for the brick making machine equipment enterprise provides the best opportunity to adjust transformation.
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<![CDATA[The matters for attention in the process of production of making tile machine]]>
  In the process of production, It is need to carefully regulate the clearance of machine , including pressure head and the mold core, pressure head and skip activity flat , frame and line plate spacing,

  Relative activities shall not been interfered, brush touch, Equipment in the device or a change in the new and old mold, is bound to prevent conflict breaking, knock against. Civilization assembly, pay attention to mold maintenance. When daily clearing the mold,  using air compressor, soft things clear up the residue of aerated concrete equipment. Forbiding knock, pry blow mould. Should often reflect on the mold size, welding parts . Shown the weld crack, should repair in time. Excessive render wear will adjust the aggregate size, excessive wear will impact the finished product quality. So it needs to match the new mould.
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<![CDATA[Attention to use electricity correctly when the making tile machine was used]]>
  As an electrician, must be familiar with the electrical wiring, electrical equipment types and performance, fully understand the information, should be regularly check the status of cable, electrical equipment, If during the inspection found the problem, need to handle in time. Haywire cannot do STH without authorization, the original electric circuit cannot be modified. To make tile machine equipment regular maintenance and maintenance, such as unused equipment to completely cut off the power supply, when using power tools, prevent to get an electric shock.
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